Why Your Website is Your Most Powerful Salesperson – And Why You Should Invest Into It

We talk with companies on a regular basis that are either startups looking for a brand new web presence or established companies that are looking to improve their current web presence. During that conversation we talk about their goals along with a mix of solutions that can include web development, SEO, social media management, social and search engine advertising, local search marketing through Google My Business and review sites, a blogging and social strategy, and many other digital solutions. But at the center of this is your website.

Though many sites will drive traffic to your company, a website is still a central sales and tracking platform used to manage incoming leads and it helps you put your best foot forward in front of future clients. In other words, your website is one of your best revenue generating salespeople.

As with many areas of tech, web development has been commoditized due to services like Wix, Shopify, and Squarespace. For some businesses those platforms are ideal but for many they get started and fail to follow through. They overestimate their design capability and the self-built site they created ends up hurting their business, costing them future revenue rather than benefiting their company.

At Fire Source Media we not only build beautiful, fast websites that are designed to convert we train our clients to succeed with how to manage those sites after they launch. We present them with a digital strategy that gives them a roadmap for success with their online marketing.

When a prospective client is on the fence about investing into a new website I always share with them that their website is an investment into a salesperson that will generate a return on their investment. When executed with professionalism, your website combined with your digital marketing efforts act as a digital salesperson. One that does not sleep, doesn’t require vacation time, and will be selling for you 24/7.

Think Big, Think Digital

We can all be guilty of thinking small but I always encourage clients and prospective clients to think big. View your digital marketing expenditure as a capital investment into your company. It is more than just digital real estate, it is a digital salesperson. When we think of our website as a sales channel, and more than a brochure, we are inclined to look at that system the way we should. Only then will we deploy the right amount of capital investment to grow our digital sales channel.

Beyond building your digital sales channel, how are you going to execute? How are you going to manage it? Fire Source Media has a solution. We offer our clients a small business solution that takes the work off of their plate. Our basic Small Business Marketing Package is only $500/mo and in it we manage your website updates, social media posting, one email per month, and one monthly blog post. This way, small business clients of Fire Source Media have the option to outsource their digital marketing in an affordable manner so that they can focus on their work and get the most out of their investment.

Your company brings value to the world. Put that on display with a professional, new website that is up to current search engine standards and will grow your business. Rather than hire your next salesperson, invest into a digital marketing system that will drive leads and sales. Contact Fire Source Media today for more information.

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