What is a MarTech Stack?

Implementing an excellent MarTech stack is your secret to success in 2022.

When a prospective client approaches Fire Source Media about their marketing they are typically geared towards the end goal, which is natural for everyone. We are all focused on sales and growth. But the question isn’t just growth, rather sustainable growth, scale, and the right processes in place as your company or organization grows.

Fire Source Media is more than a web development and SEO agency. Those are just tools that we use in order to build a comprehensive marketing system for our clients. At the core, Fire Source Media is a MarTech stack company for SMB’s (small and mid-size businesses) and we implement comprehensive marketing systems for our clients that scale.

What is a MarTech stack?

MarTech stack is short for “marketing technology stack” and a MarTech stack consists of the platforms necessary to manage your marketing effectively from project management, to content creation and collaboration, to measuring ROI and analytics. This is a comprehensive system that gives multiple teams within an organization the ability to effectively manage their marketing and give them the data they need to make executive level decisions. This technology stack actually extends beyond marketing and into other areas of the business such as sales, through the CRM, and overall workflow between teams lending itself to smoother operation.

Fire Source Media has a blend of products that we use in our typical MarTech stack that we have tested over the last 10 years and we know to be a cost-effective solution for small to mid-size businesses. 

Every business should treat their marketing as a comprehensive system. This is not just about building a beautiful website and doing some SEO or digital ads. No, the purpose of digital marketing is enhancing customer relationships through digital systems that nurture those relationships throughout the entire life cycle of their interaction with your brand. Utilizing our MarTech stack allows for the development of automated processes that save time and help convert your visitors into users and customers. It also nurtures them through consistent brand messaging, even turning those individuals into evangelists.

We have the right mix of marketing tactics and platforms to help you grow your business. This may include Ahrefs for SEO, Asana for project management, and other tools for social media marketing, analytics, reporting, etc.

When you engage with Fire Source Media you enter into a whole new world of possibility. We research your market, your competition, your current MarTech stack, and give you the best possible path to success. We then execute on a strategy, implementing the right mix of marketing technology, and move consistently towards your growth goals. This saves time, years of trial and error on your side, by having our team implement the right marketing technology stack for your company and turning your marketing efforts into a focused, organized, and intentional discipline. Define your marketing strategy first, then make sure you implement the right stack to help you accomplish your goals.

There are many marketing technology choices in many categories. Over 8,000 marketing technologies were reported in 2020. Let us help you navigate the terrain and put you on the fast track to success. Contact Fire Source Media for an initial evaluation and we can get started today taking your business to the next level in 2022.

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