How Generative AI Will Change Search Engine Experience

Google recently released an article about the launch of their generative AI-powered Search experience (SGE). It has been in testing for less than 3 months and they are seeing promising results. Here is what they said:

“We launched our generative AI-powered Search experience (SGE) less than three months ago, and we’re encouraged that the early feedback has been positive. Since the initial rollout, we’ve continuously made improvements to make the experience even more helpful. In fact, we recently announced updates including more images and videos in overviews, improvements to how links are displayed and more.”

Notice the importance placed on images and videos. Below is an example search experience with SGE.

Generative AI in Search SEO | Fire Source Media | Dallas, Texas

The future of search, through Generative AI, will emphasize multimedia.

When you think of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you probably think of blogs or articles of text and backlinks. Though this will still hold importance, what will increase in importance are images (properly alt tagged) and video content. When we meet with prospective clients, video is typically something they lack or need to improve on. Video is often viewed as social media content with the search engine application overlooked. However, an optimized video strategy will be increasingly important for the search engine experience.

This is why we emphasize YouTube to our clients. YouTube is a video search engine and it is important to make sure your company has a presence there. Also, that your channel is optimized for your niche and brand. It will need videos about your brand, your products or services, and all of it optimized for the search experience.

Here are the 3 things Google said you will be able to do with the generative AI experience.

  1. Get a better understanding through images and videos.
  2. Get your AI-powered overviews, faster.
  3. Learn more when something catches your interest.

You can learn more at Google Search Labs.

Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, this impacts you. Your online experience for prospective buyers will need to include more media. That means making sure your website and media library is full of relevant, alt tagged images. This also means starting or emphasizing a well-organized YouTube channel with relevant videos and information. This includes using GIFs and illustrations in more of your content to engage users.

Companies that engage users visually will start to take market share from their competition.

Fire Source Media is here to help. We offer consulting services along with YouTube channel management to help you prepare for this change. You can contact us here.