Digital Trends for 2020

From social media to ChatBots, live video, and more. Here are some digital trends for 2020 that we recommend you look at implementing for your business.

  1. Mobile – Mobile still commands a fundamental lead in online consumer behavior. Everything from e-commerce to customer support is occurring over the smartphone. Make sure that your site is mobile friendly and designed for mobile conversion. An app may be a good addition to your digital portfolio depending on the user behavior of your audience. You can find out how to test your site for mobile performance here.
  2. Social Media – TikTok is a fast growing and popular social media platform. Instagram continues to be a leader in organic online growth and Facebook remains a good place for retargeting and other ad practices. Make sure that you are utilizing a mix of these platforms to promote your business and build your brand.
  3. Go Live – Live video on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or YouTube is a great way to reach your audience and offer anything from online courses, concerts or other events where you can gather a live audience. Look at ways that you can incorporate live video into your digital marketing plan.
  4. ChatBots – If you sell products online or have a basic informational site, a ChatBot is a must. People are becoming conditioned to utilizing them for customer service and even if you are not online, they become a great lead generation tool. We recommend services such as LiveChat or others. Look into how you can incorporate this into your website. A ChatBot can help with lead generation and customer service.

These are just a few trends for 2020 that we see and recommend.

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