Redpoint Ventures Case Study

When Redpoint Ventures first approached Fire Source Media they were looking for copywriting services. But after further evaluation of their website we could see that they needed technical SEO work before approaching a content or link building strategy. The previous web developer left some key pages unbuilt which caused a significant amount of 404 Errors. After doing an analysis through Ahrefs, we informed Redpoint of the issue and the modifications that would need to be made. After making the changes, Redpoint has seen a tremendous turnaround!

Their Ahrefs Health Score Jumped from a 6 to a 100. Their backlink profile was improved and within 1 Quarter, Redpoint saw a 10X increase in organic traffic. Ranking keywords jumped from 320 to 1,300.

Here is the before and after:

Redpoint Ventures SEO Review
Redpoint Ventures SEO Review

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