Fire Source Media Case Study

Using our own company as a case study? You better believe it! We practice what we preach. Fire Source Media was started in the Dallas metroplex in 2012. We have since moved our headquarters to Waco, TX in order to better serve our clients. Central Texas allows us to service clients in Dallas, Austin, and throughout Texas easily. But we needed to improve our ranking in Dallas and Austin. In 2022 we have moved to the first page of Google for: Dallas SEO Company, SEO Company Dallas, Dallas SEO, and SEO Dallas. This is no easy feat since we are going up against the best SEO companies in Dallas! We are also climbing in the ranks for SEO in Austin, TX.

In 2022, our Ahrefs DR jumped from 28 to 32, and our organic traffic and ranking keywords saw a steady increase. We are just getting started! We will be implementing our FSM Search Ranking formula in 2023 with the goal of ranking in the Top 3 spots on Google for SEO services in Dallas, Waco, and Austin. We will be documenting the growth here. Below is our growth for 2022.

Fire Source Media SEO Review

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